11 Ways to Optimize Your Life Right Now

A list of practical concepts to apply to your life.

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We all, in our own way, seek a good life. We seek a life that’s enriched with purpose, worthiness, and success defined by a metric of our choice.

Although the majority of these aspects are perceptually based upon the individual, I find there are many concepts that aide in the attainment of what one considers to be a good life abroad. These concepts mainly centralize around development, acceptance, and a proper mindset.

  1. Gratitude should be your driving force.

Understand what a blessing it is that you wake up every morning. Let alone, eat daily and have a place to sleep. Once this is fully understood, any action that follows is certain to be of pure intention.

2. Just do the next right thing.

Don’t overcomplicate everything. In all aspects, do what you believe to be right. Right for you, right for them, right for the common good. You can’t go wrong from there.

3. Never cease learning.

You don’t know it all and you never will. Regardless of what field you’re in, even if you’re an expert, keep a beginner’s mindset. Continue soaking up information from every source possible. In today’s world, anything you’d like to know is at your fingertips. Don’t take this for granted.

4. Completely forego your expectations and judgements.

Your human mind has this tendency to take everything you perceive, stuff it into a box, and slap a label on it. Honestly, nothing needs judgement. Let everything that is, be. Notice the beauty of it all and accept it as that. Likewise, don’t get caught up in your expectations of how it should be. Again, let it be.

5. Acknowledge that you value pleasure, then remove it from your values.

Most of you value pleasure but fail to realize it. You either carry out an action in hopes that it’ll provide you with pleasure, or you avoid an action because it’s not pleasurable. In reality, the more you pursue pleasure, the more it eludes you. Pleasure is feedback, a byproduct of another action. It’s not meant to be solely sought after. Realize this. Accept this. Change this.

6. Live a life of simplicity.

A simple life is more than enough. Practice detachment, you’ll quickly realize that the more you let go of, the more you gain. It’s quite a beautiful paradox, really. You consume, consume, and consume. All in an attempt to fill this void inside of you. Ironically, everything you need to fill that void inside you is already inside you.

7. Rid yourself of ego.

The ego is the source of all problems and the enemy of progression. Do yourself a favor and rid yourself of it by any means necessary.

(Ego Is the Enemy By: Ryan Holiday is an exemplary read if you wish to explore this on a deeper level)

8. Talk less.

Bottom line, people spend too much time talking instead of doing or listening. The less you talk, the more you; listen, understand, interpret, and do. The great Robert Greene explores this concept in Law #4 of “The 48 Laws of Power”, “Always say less than necessary”.

9. Live effortlessly.

I’m not encouraging slothfulness nor am I instructing that you avoid ambition. However, great serenity is found in allowing life to happen on its terms. If you wish to achieve or attain something, instead of excessively obsessing over it, take the proper actions required, remain patient, and allow it to happen. Stop trying to forcefully live life and simply allow life.

10. Find YOUR balance.

Just as the human body maintains a delicate system of balance within you, an equilibrium must be properly maintained within your life. Collectively, your life is made up of various components that take up your time. This can vary from person to person, but things including family, work, fitness, hobbies, sleep, down-time, etc.

What’s important is that you find a balance that works for you and stick to it. If one area begins to consume the majority of your time, your equilibrium is thrown off, which will lead to an unsatisfied feeling towards life.

11. Be compassionate towards all.

The world has enough cruelty in it as is. Make it your mission to be compassionate towards every living being. Truthfully, we are all extensions of one another anyways. Even those who have not displayed compassion towards you deserve compassion. The greatest revenge is to not be like that person.

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