Essentials of Daily Living.

Short & Sweet.

  • Practice gratitude from the moment you awaken until the moment you lay rest.
  • Ensure you are fully immersed in the present moment. Paying no mind to the past nor future.
  • Whatever you are doing, no matter a grand spectacle or a trivial task, do with 100% of yourself. Do with diligence and full involvement.
  • Realize deeply that our time on this Earth is simply borrowed. Make haste. Do everything with love. Cherish this moment.
  • Treat all living beings with love & compassion as that is the nature of our existence. To harbor ill-will towards one another is unnatural and degrading to the soul.
  • Be authentic.
  • Use not a surplus of words and do not participate in any unnecessary actions.
  • Ensure rational words and actions. Never allow your soul to be overwhelmed by immense pleasure or pain.
  • Ensure the nobility of your character. Protect your reputation. Speak the truth.
  • Participate in mind, body, and soul pleasing activities daily.
  • Find the good in all situations. If a circumstance happens to be less than desirable, determine what means of growth it will allow of you.
  • Completely let go of expectations of people, places, and things. Keep judgement at bay.
  • Maintain a sense of “tunnel vision”. Pay no mind to things that may hinder your quality of life or progression, UNLESS they lend themselves to the greater good.
  • Embrace mortality.
  • Ensure balance in all aspects in order to maintain an equilibrium in relation to your life.



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Tyler C. Newman

Tyler C. Newman

Just a human with mostly good intentions in pursuit of a dream. Writing mainly about personal development and philosophy. Let’s grow.