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Dedicated to Joy Diane Fulbright: I am who I am, because of you.

The Soul’s Atlas
2 min readJul 17, 2022


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You do not become whole, unless you were once broken.

And that was me, broken.

But so was she.

Two fractured souls, jet-set for a head-on collision.

Spent the majority of my days running around aimlessly. Trying to fill a void I was completely unaware of.

I was in a vicious cycle of short-term desires that led to long-term suffering.

But so was she.

Yet, it’s only through our suffering we reach enlightenment. Once we give our suffering a meaning, that is.

And you see, the Universe conspired to give our suffering meaning.

I certainly had a slew of problems, but my biggest problem was believing I had no problems. That was my ego, convincing and justifying at a God-tier level.

She, well she was just shut off to the world.

No one came in, and she let nothing out.

Until me.

As for me,

until her.

Two individuals who’ve been hurt and were casting hurt.

Then, through a series of synchronicities within the universe, we stumbled into one another’s life.

In reality we were nothing but thorns. Still, when we locked eyes, we saw roses.

Foolishly, we only met and went our seperate ways.

Through synchronicities within the universe (again), our paths crossed once more.

Thus, we stopped being hard-headed (difficult for each of us), and we allowed our plan to unfold. We became a unit.

Became one.

I comprised her wall of defense and began to tear it down.

And with proper intention, she pointed out every fault of mine. From minor to major they were all on display, for me.

The effort we put into one another still remains unmatched, along with the effort we put into ourselves.

No longer are we these two broken people destroying anyone and anything within our path. We’re healing.

We are a miraculous unit with pure intensions.

She even brought forth my child and now we are parents.

We are all love.

It takes courage to love.

It takes honesty to grow.

But it only takes two people, no matter how broken, to form an impenetrable unit of connection.

Live to love, so you may love to live.



The Soul’s Atlas

Writing by Tyler C. Newman. A mere disciple spreading a message of Peace, Love, & Truth.