Tough Pills to Swallow

Undeniable truths that set you free.

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Are you strong enough to accept these fundamental truths?


That’s fine. Me either.

You’ll do it anyways.


Growth. That’s why.

Sometimes, life sucks.

You’re going to go through many tough situations. Period. Impermanence is the nature of life.

The good times come and go, as well as the bad.

You can’t change the past.

What’s done is done. Nothing in the past can be altered.

Learn from it and move on.

You are responsible for your life.

Your current circumstances are a direct result of your collective choices. You can’t control everything that happens, but you control what you do about it.

Take ownership of your situation and make necessary changes.

You teach people how to treat you.

You’ll be treated based on what you allow. How you carry yourself also speaks volumes on the manner in which you wish to be treated.

You live, you die, you’re forgotten.

No one gets out alive. Stop taking everything so serious.

You’re not immortal, enjoy the time you have.

Regrets upon a deathbed centralize around things that should’ve been done, not things that were done. Go experience life.

You’ve got to work for what you want.

Anything worth having will take work. Ignore the popular “get rich quick” or “lose 10lbs in a week” schemes.

Genuine effort seldomly goes unrewarded. Put in the required effort.

You’ll always want more.

That’s just human nature. You work your ass and finally get what you want, but the satisfaction is short-lived.

They’ll always be newer, bigger, better.

Your obsession with finding happiness is what’s preventing it.

Happiness will always be in your life.

Stop looking for it and allow it.

You can’t love anyone without loving yourself.

Until you’re immersed in love for yourself, you aren’t properly equipped or emotionally stable to love anyone else.

Your actions speak louder than your words.

No matter what you say, you’ll always be judged upon what you do. If your actions fail to harmonize with your words, the inconsistency will be on display for all.

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Tyler C. Newman

Tyler C. Newman

Just a human with mostly good intentions in pursuit of a dream. Writing mainly about personal development and philosophy. Let’s grow.